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The Hamptons-style house has become a beloved interior design trend that has captivated homeowners for many years. Australian homes, particularly Queenslanders with their VJs and abundant natural light, are perfectly suited for this style.

Often associated with luxurious beachside retreats, the Hamptons aesthetic exudes timeless charm and sophistication. Today, we delve into the world of updated Hamptons style house interior design, exploring fresh ideas and modern interpretations that will breathe new life into your spaces. Join us as we embark on a journey to reimagine this beloved design trend for a contemporary era.

Embracing a Light and Airy Colour Palette

The Hamptons style is renowned for its light and airy colour palette, evoking serenity and tranquillity. While classic shades of white, cream, and blue prevail, we now witness a shift toward embracing earthy and neutral tones. Warm beiges, soft pinks, and even terracotta introduce depth and sophistication to the space. Subtle pops of colour through accessories or artwork inject personality while maintaining the overall lightness of the design.

Contemporary Furniture with Classic Flair

To give the Hamptons style a modern twist, incorporate contemporary furniture pieces while maintaining a nod to its classic flair. Opt for clean lines and streamlined silhouettes, blending the comfort of modern living with the elegance of traditional aesthetics. Upholstered furniture in natural fabrics like linen or cotton adds a touch of luxury, while rattan or wicker pieces infuse a coastal vibe. Remember to balance proportions and scale to ensure a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Hamptons Style Homes - Rochele Interiors

Mixing Textures for Depth and Visual Interest

Enhancing the Hamptons look involves incorporating ample texture into the neutral color palette. Without the presence of captivating elements, the outcome may appear too stark or contrived, resembling an uninhabited display home.

Consider adding unbleached linen curtains and cushions with various finishes. To infuse a room with texture, choose jute or sisal rugs, as they provide a straightforward approach. For a touch of drama and focal points, statement lighting fixtures like oversized pendants or elegant chandeliers are a must. However, it’s important to counterbalance these elements with comfortable soft seating and inviting gathering spaces to ensure a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality in your Hamptons-inspired design.

For those fortunate enough to reside in Queenslanders, the presence of panelled walls (VJs) inherently adds Hamptons character to a room. If panelling is not available, consider installing plantation shutters on the windows or incorporating wallpaper to your space.

Hamptons Style House - Rochele Interiors

Nurturing Natural Light and Outdoor Connection

Maximizing natural light and embracing the indoor-outdoor connection are the principle of Hamptons style house. Allow ample natural light to flow through your spaces by using sheer curtains or opting for minimal window treatments. Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas by utilizing large glass doors or windows that open up to inviting patios, decks, or verandas. Enhance the connection to the outdoors with lush greenery, potted plants, or even a small herb garden.

The Hamptons style Homes have evolved over time, embracing new design trends while maintaining its timeless appeal. By incorporating a light and airy color palette, blending contemporary furniture with classic elements, playing with textures, striking a balance between openness and warmth, and nurturing natural light and the outdoor connection, you can create a stunning updated Hamptons style interior that embodies coastal elegance and contemporary living. Embrace this revitalized approach and watch your spaces transform into havens of serenity, sophistication, and modern charm.

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Kate Festa, the founder, lead interior designer, and colour consultant of Rochele Interiors, launched the company ten years ago. Over the past decade, she has transformed Rochele from a small home office into a thriving studio renowned for its award-winning projects and honourable mentions in various publications (Australia House & Garden, Queensland Home Magazine and Country Living Magazine).

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