Award Winning Clayfield Pool Design and Decorating

pool house

The art deco home was taken to the next level with this award winning new pool build. Rochele Interiors was involved in the tile design and selection, including the design of the custom made coping tile design and the concept for the arbour that comes off the existing pool house.

Rochele Interiors also furnished and accessorised the space. Rochele Decorating then handed these concepts over to a fantastic pool build company who brought the vision to life!

The brief was to create a space that would suit the style of the art deco home, would provide a family friendly area that you could easily relax and entertain in.

Black and white checker board tiles were selected to be in keeping with the art deco style of home. Rather then just tiling the outside surface area of the pool, it was decided to continue this pattern for the submerged tiling inside the pool. In liaising with the pool builder, adjustments were made to the planned width/length of the pool so that the pattern of the tiles would be continuous without any cuts! A really unique coping tile design finishes the pool off brilliantly.

A custom made outdoor sofa and armchair setting in its design is timeless and seamlessly compliments the black/white art deco theme.

The pool area has 2 designated “living” spaces. An area to recline and catch some vitamin D and an area to share a pool side cocktail or to sit and watch the kids enjoying the pool on a beautiful Queensland summers day!